Handgun Refresher

After you have completed the NRA Basic Pistol class, there is a very good possibility you will not be very comfortable shooting a revolver or semi-automatic pistol. This is perfectly normal, as the NRA Basic Pistol class is only designed as an introduction to pistols, nomenclature and handgun safety.

Finger on the safety spotOur Handgun Pistol Refresher program is a 90 minute experience designed to get you more comfortable with a handgun. During this shooting refresher we will review:

  • Standard handgun safety
  • Visual and physical checks of the barrel, chamber and magazine well
  • Loading and unloading the handgun
  • Handgun grip
  • Ready positions
  • Shooting stance
  • Sight alignment and sight picture
  • Trigger control and prepping the trigger
  • Follow through

This program may be taken multiple times, and as its name implies, it is a perfect refresher if you’ve completed the NRA Basic Pistol class, but have been away from shooting sports for more than six months.

Course Fee

The course fee excludes applicable range fees.

  • $45 each for between two and four students, plus the cost of ammunition you shoot
  • One-on-one private training is available

What you Need

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Wraparound eye protection
  • Hearing protection (Electronic hearing protection is recommended)
  • Proper gear for the weather.
  • (Optional) A quality compact or full-size service pistol. We suggest 9mm only from a cost point, but you can also shoot any popular cartridge.